Red Velvet Cake Balls

So... I am a little late on posting about one my holiday hits. I decided to enjoy my vacation and took a break from everything. I gotta admit it was great. As were the cake balls that I made and shared with my office, my family, my dog...anyone who wanted to try one. The verdict: everyone would say how delicious they were while the dessert was still in their mouth. I take that as a good sign, no matter how disgusting it might sound.

I started making these at around 7 p.m one night and started melting the chocolate at around 9 p.m. I ran out of the lighter cholocate and went to the semi-sweet -- not as tasty. Needless to say, these weren't the prettiest things, although with a little more patience I know they would have been. Honestly, I just wanted to clean the kitchen and go to bed.

I think these delicious cake balls might become a holiday tradition. I have big plans to try the Oreo truffles in 2009 (I bought a package but we ate them before I could make them.)
Thanks, Bakerella, for making me look like a super-star.

Red Velvet Cake Balls
1 box red velvet cake mix (cook as directed on box for 13 X 9 cake)
1 can cream cheese frosting (16 oz.)
1 package chocolate bark (regular or white chocolate)
wax paper

After cake is cooked and cooled completely, crumble into large bowl. Mix thoroughly with 1 can cream cheese frosting. (It may be easier to use fingers to mix together, but be warned it will get messy.) Roll mixture into quarter size balls and lay on cookie sheet. (Should make 45-50. You can get even more if you use a mini ice cream scooper, but I like to hand roll them.) Chill for several hours. (You can speed this up by putting in the freezer.)

Melt chocolate in microwave per directions on package. Roll balls in chocolate and lay on wax paper until firm. (Use a spoon to dip and roll in chocolate and then tap off extra.)


Melissa said...

Ooooh! These sound super yummy! I had to make something like these the other day because a cake I made fell apart.

Joelen said...

I love red velvet cake balls and loved making them not too long ago! These look great!

Gigi said...

omg, i keep forgetting to make these. i want to try these so bad. thanks for the link to the "pantry list".