Organized in '09

2009 is off to a decent start -- I have resolutions but haven't gotten gung ho about them yet. I am so not ready to diet but if I continue Tuesdays with Dorie I have no choice. I am also in hard core organization mode.

Let's go back to my diet. I have gained five pounds since starting this blog. For Christmas I scored mini baking tins so that I can quarter the recipe, meet the criteria, and pass on the calories. I am also going back to the gym and am disheartened to admit that the only way I will lose weight is to run. I hate running! I tore my ACL snow skiing and my knees have never been the same. Enough wallering in my weight... oh yeah, I am going to drink more water. Ick.

I have been an organizing fool for the last week. I hired someone to come in and deep clean my house and it was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it! It didn't cost a fortune and keeping my house clean doesn't feel so daunting.

Anyway... in my quest to get organized, I found this awesome Web site that focuses on getting ready for the holidays. Too bad I found it on January 1. As I was surfing, I found charts for getting your pantry and freezer organized. I printed it and must admit that I love it. I now know what items I am stocked up on and as a result I don't buy more. I have way more brown sugar than the average person needs.

They have a lot of other templates, including one for chores (yep, I am developing a weekly chore list too). Now, if I can just remember to go back to the Web site in October, I will really be organized.


Anonymous said...

I love that site... I've used both the freezer and pantry organizer list. It works great until I have to start a new one :)

Joelen said...

I love this site and have used it years ago. I made the 'household notebook' and it's been so helpful in organizing everything from cleaning, cooking, meal planning, etc!

TeaLady said...

Minis are definitely the way to go with all the great TWD recipes. Look forward to seeing your 'little' tart.