We Can Bake It!


Have ya'll heard about the bakingGALS? It's a fantastic blog-roots effort to send cookies to our troops overseas. It basically cropped up overnight and it is taking off. I signed up immediately. My cousin's husband is in Iraq while she holds down the fort with her four children and I know how much he misses his kids and yummy desserts. I have even dated my share of military men and I must admit that I came close to marrying a Marine way back when. Gosh, I am going down memory lane now. {Pause, rewind 10 years ago, sigh, good times}.

Okay, I am back. If you have any interest...visit their site and start baking. Lemme know if you sign up.

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Laura P. said...

My husband served in Iraq for 16 months and Kosovo before that for 12 months so I know through him what it's like to be overseas. I'm sure the people serving overseas greatly appreciate this! Thanks for posting this, this is a great idea! I'm signing up! : )