Menu Plan Monday

I was pretty darn successful with my menu last week, I didn't get off track and I wasn't stressed. I spent a few hours on Sunday getting ready for the week and making what I could in advance. That really helped -- I just walked in, turned on the oven and played with my son while dinner was cooking.

So, now I have to keep the momentum going. I am going to try two new recipes from a few of my favorite blogs. It's still going to be a busy week but hopefully not too stressful. Wanna see the menu's of some of my favorite bloggers? Stop by I'm an organizing junkie for some inspiration.

Sunday: Pot Roast
Monday: Chicken & Rice
Tuesday: Lasagna Ciabatta
Wednesday: Girls Night Out -- Mama Mia
Thursday: Kids' Concert
Friday: Working late -- yep, on a Friday night
Saturday: Chicken Wings


Sandra said...

Great looking menu :)

Menu Plan is Up

happyathome said...

Looks like a very good menu! Stop by and see my menu and enter a chance to win some Hansen's Natural Sparkling Water to go with all of the meals we are planning!

mom_of2boys said...

I have found that menu planning has helped too. I started menu planning again this week.

Your menu looks good. Enjoy Mama Mia!

Lisa Knight said...

Great plan, the lasagna ciabatta sounds yummy.

The Frugal Momma

Brooke said...

Thank you all for stopping by. It makes my day.

Anonymous said...

The lasagna ciabatta sounds interesting. Does it involve ciabatta bread?