I Love It When I Find Good Deals!

Old Navy clothes are at rock bottom prices. I mean rock bottom. I bought a ton of clothes for my son and every item I bought was $2 -3 dollars. And, of course, I had to find a little treat for me so I bought two sets of flip flops. Who can't use flip flops?

If you have an Old Navy store near you, get moving. Run, don't walk -- the deals are great and will soon be picked over.


Kellie said...

I hear ya..I was shopping this weekend and there are so many good deals everywhere!!!
I so wanted to make bento lunches this summer & make a running list, but I haven't found a box...where did you get yours? {My son is picky also & starting kindergarten in the fall.}

Brooke said...

Hi, Kellie: Thanks for stopping by. I found my bento boxes at Ichiban Kan (http://www.ichibankanusa.com/). There is a banner box on the left that will take you to all kinds of fun stuff. When you make your first bento, let me know. Can't wait to see a picture.