Bento Boxes are Cool!

Isn't this super cute. I have been packing my son's lunches in bento boxes for about two months. I was visiting blogs and saw this idea. I couldn't wait to purchase some of these boxes and start packing food. Having a picky eater is tough enough but to find food that he will eat at school is enough to stress out any mom. I don't know if he appreciates the presentation but at least I have fun doing it.

This bento box is actually two-tiers but since he doesn't eat a lot, I usually only use the top tier. He enjoys the variety but I never know what will come back untouched. I don't think he nibbled on any of the ham. Sigh! I guess that's the prerogative of a toddler.

Ooooh, and I just ordered some more fun stuff to put in his lunch box -- sauce holders (he loves to dip everything in sauces), cookie cutters and some plaid food cups for some more color. And the best news...it's all incredibly cheap.

Isn't it strange what will make the most mundane task pleasurable? I am obviously easy to please.

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