Crayons Are Bad News!

Yep, it's happened and I am totally stressed. My toddler found a rogue crayon and had a field day on the sofa. If only he had found a crayon that matched the sofa, instead he found a red one that shows off his fabric artwork quite nicely. So, you know where this is headed...anyone have any tips on how to erase crayon. Can I wash the covers? Should I just flip the cushions? Is there some mom-tested concoction that will fix everything. Is there a fail-proof solution that someone can offer up and save the day? Anyone... anyone?


Kellie H said...

Oh yes the budding artist! I use Kids N Pets...it has removed any stain my kids & dog have made. I love it to death!!!!! I buy it at our local Wal-mart. I'll use a brush too really get in the fabric{http://www.kidsnpetsbrand.com/} But my couch is from 1986 & we dream of the day we will have new, nice furniture.

Check out this site too....

good luck Brooke!
Sorry about the zoo trip too =(

Anonymous said...

My daughter did this when she was a toddler also. I took the cushions to a Carpet Cleaner who also did fabrics...so you may try calling around. It wasn't as expensive as I thought, and it was worth it for a very expensive chair!