I'm A Tuesdays With Dorie Slacker

Sorry, guys. No baking this weekend. Just too much on my plate right now. I normally bake when my little one is asleep. When he slept this weekend, I slept. Sleep has been eluding me and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Got some pretty bags under my eyes. I am looking forward to the plum cake. Don't count me out...just sitting the bench for this one.

Go check out Claudia of Fool for Food and everyone else at the TWD Blog.


Jodie said...

Good for you! I'm all about resting when the kids are asleep. See you next week!

Pamela said...

Get some rest and take care of yourself! These are good cookies, though. So try them when you have a chance. :o)

Kellie H said...

I got a stomach bug this week & slept all day Wednesday & then again for 7 hours that night! I have been stressed out, so I know my body was like timeout!!!!!!! The apple turnovers sound good to me now!