What, When and How to Freeze

As I tread deeper and deeper into the world of baking and cooking, I am learning a lot of new things. I have learned that meal planning is a great idea, takes the stress off of me, and it's okay that I don't always stick to it. I learned that some of the best recipes only have a few ingredients and are incredibly easy to make. I have learned that I need to read the recipe and do it exactly as it says to avoid a disaster. And most importantly, I have learned there is a blogosphere of amazing women who love to hang out in their kitchen, are incredibly supportive and best of all, they post their amazing recipes for me to try.

One of the most exciting things that I have learned is that you can freeze almost everything. Yes, almost everything. Call me a newbie, but here is some of the stuff that I learned you can freeze:
* eggs
* milk
* butter
* marshmallows
* onions
* strawberries
* brown sugar
* ricotta cheese
* herbs
* and, much, much, more.

So, the best part is that I am going to share all of this new found knowledge with ya'll. North Dakota State (never visited ND) developed this fantastic food freezing guide that is awesome. It's 40 pages long and I have it bookmarked because I haven't gotten around to printing it yet. Use it, love it, enjoy it.

And, if anyone thinks it is as great as I do, will you come back and leave me some comment-love. I always enjoy reading them, but most importantly, I love knowing that people are stopping by my blog.


Jaime said...

thanks for posting this a while back - i added it to my blog after seeing it :)

Jess said...

Marshmallows...who knew? Thanks for the link - I've saved it to my computer already!

Michelle said...

Wow I didnt know you could freeze eggs.. I really need to read this freezing guide! thanks so much for posting this.. lately ive become obsessed with freezing stuff (mostly produce) because its soo expensive and I dont want to waste it!

Barbara said...

Thank you for the link! We have a freezer in our basement and this has some very good hints and ideas that will help us use it better.