TS Fay + Day Off = Granola Grabbers

TS Fay gave me a perfect opportunity to finally make the Granola Grabbers. You know, those grabbers that I actually should have posted on Tuesday. Yep, call me a slacker, but at least I made them.

A word about Fay: she is one mean gal. I had to be at work for a few hours today and when I finally headed home the weather was horrible and I had detour after detour. There is so much to this story -- hubby being at work for 12+ hours, my grandmother's house flooding and then every access point to my house closed...I don't even have the energy to type about it. I just walked in about a hour ago and can't wait to crawl into bed. Unfortunately, it's not over...more rain bands, more flooding, more everything. Sigh.

Now, back to the granola grabbers that I actually made Friday...I followed the instructions and they were flat, flat, flat. Then I got smart and put them in mini muffin tins.

I think they are really yummy. A little greasy -- no clue why, but still very good. This recipe will definitely be made again. Heck, I have a whole bottle of wheat germ -- took me forever to find it in the grocery story -- and it was a bigger bottle than I expected. You guessed it -- I am going to look for more recipes with wheat germ so that I can use the big ole jar before it expires in 2009.

Anyway, yum yum grabbers. Go check out the recipe over at Michelle's Bad Girl Baking and check out what others thinks over at Tuesday's With Dorie.

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Aubrey said...

I always feel so inadequate when I come over here. LOL But yet, I can't stay away from your blog and peeking into your kitchen. Those look delicious!