Now What?

I am a little nervous. Heck, I am downright overwhelmed. For months, I have been lurking in the blogosphere getting inspiration. Today, I decided to start this blog on a whim. I have no idea what this blog will turn into...it will probably be very eclectic -- some recipes, some tips (like how to crayon out of the carpet -- have to figure that one out still) and who knows what else.

Most importantly, I hope this blog will help me turn my brain off from work. Yes, I am a Type A personality and blogging (actually lurking on others' blogs) has become a new hobby and opportunity to not work.

So, prepare yourself for stuff other than desserts. The name of the blog is just a fun mantra. If candy and dessert had any nutritional value I would choose to live only on sugar. I obviously have a sweet tooth. My mom used to always say that she should take me to the Jiffy Store for dinner. And with that memory, the name for this blog.

I have an arsenal of recipes thanks to some fantastic blogs I have been visiting daily. So, with this short introduction, I guess it's time to get started.

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